A Day at a time


June 4 Reflection for the day: Acceptance is a key. Too often I was unable to accept who I was, and therefore it was impossible to accept others. Before coming to Gamblers Anonymous, I hid from the truth because I was afraid of it. Now with the help of my GA brothers and sisters, I can walk through it. Today I actually find comfort in knowing the truth. I’m trying to go in the right direction—and that’s enough for me.

Do I accept who I was, with all my shortcomings, and who I am trying to be?

Today I Pray: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change—the past with its miseries and restlessness, and the burdens that are left over from my gambling days. May my acceptance of things past be a basis for building a new life—a life I not only accept, but celebrate.

Today I Will Remember: Acceptance is a key to recovery.


A day at a time in Gamblers Anonymous

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