A Day at a time

FEBRUARY 22 Reflection for the Day

When I came to Gamblers Anonymous, I found people who knew exactly what I meant when I spoke finally of my fears. They had been where I had been; they understood. I’ve since learned that many of my fears have to do with projection. It’s normal, for example, to have a tiny “backburner” fear that the person I love will leave me. But when the fear takes precedence over my present and very real relationship with the person I’m afraid of losing, then I’m in trouble. My responsibility to myself includes this: I must not fear things that do not exist.

Am I changing from a fearful person into a fearless person?

Today I Pray

I ask God’s help in waving away my fears—those figments, fantasies, monstrous thoughts, projections of disaster that have no bearing on the present. May I narrow the focus of my imagination and concentrate on the here-and-now, for I tend to see the future through a magnifying glass.

Today I Will Remember

Projected fears, like shadows, are larger than life.

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