A Day at a time

JANUARY 28 Reflection for the Day

Now that I am in Gamblers Anonymous, I am no longer enslaved by the compulsion to place the next bet. Free, free at last from fabricating the elaborate alibis—and hoping they won’t unravel. Free from the guilt and shame. Free from the worry about bookies and loan companies. Free from the ever-burgeoning mountain of debt.

Do I treasure my freedom from compulsive gambling?

Today I Pray

Praise God that I am free from the urge to gamble. This is my first freedom, from which other freedoms will develop—freedom to appraise my behavior sanely and constructively, freedom to grow as a person, freedom to maintain relationships with others on a sound basis. I will never cease to thank my Higher Power for leading me away from my enslavement.

Today I Will Remember

Praise God for my freedom.

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