Get the FAQ’S about the situation ( FAQ’S ) Frequently asked questions about Gamblers Anonymous meetings Q How do I attend a meeting ? Find out where and when it is on and just turn up, you will be welcomed. Check Meeting list and Contact pages for information. Feel free to ring a contact number if you wish to speak with a member in advance. There are many other FAQ’s you may wish to have answered. In fact some say most of our questions are FAQ’s   Q Who can attend a meeting ? Anybody who has a desire to stop gambling or who thinks they may have a problem caused by their gambling is free to attend  and participate at any Gamblers Anonymous meeting. Where an OPEN meeting is held,   spouses and friends of a G. A. member may also attend. Q What are closed, modified closed and open meetings Closed meeting refers to a meeting where only those with a gambling problem are eligible to attend and participate. A Modified closed meeting refers to a meeting where support may attend on a once off basis. The term  Open Meeting  means a G. A. Meeting where spouses and friends of a G. A. Member are also welcome to attend. Q How much does it cost ? There are no asessments to attend a meeting, we are self supporting through our own members voluntary contributions.

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