Gamblers Anonymous history

Gamblers Anonymous History of the Fellowship

The fellowship of Gamblers Anonymous is the outgrowth of a chance meeting between two men during the month of January in 1957. These men had a truly baffling history of trouble and misery due to an obsession to gamble. They began to meet regularly and as the months passed neither had returned to gambling. They concluded from their discussions that in order to prevent a relapse it was necessary to bring about certain character changes within themselves. In order to accomplish this, they used for a guide certain spiritual principles which had been utilized by thousands of people who were recovering from other compulsive addictions. The word spiritual can be said to describe those characteristics of the human mind that represent the highest and finest qualities such as kindness, generosity, honesty and humility. Also, in order to maintain their own abstinence they felt that it was vitally important that they carry the message of hope to other compulsive gamblers. As a result of favorable publicity by a prominent newspaper columnist and TV commentator, the first group meeting of Gamblers Anonymous was held on Friday, September 13, 1957, in Los Angeles, California. Since that time, the fellowship has grown steadily and groups are flourishing throughout the world.

 Gamblers Anonymous history in Waterford.

We are currently compiling some accurate History, early dates need to be verified. If you are part of tGamblers Anonymous history please send us any information you wish. if you want to find a meeting, attend and become part of the ongoing Gamblers Anonymous history of recovery through Gamblers Anonymous, see our meeting lists, attend, contact one of our numbers. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop gambling. suffice to say that from One sole meeting in the Seventies, briefly two in the Eighties and only one in the nineties through the turn of the Millenium,there is now a stronger than ever presence in Waterford with a meeting available  every day. Gamblers Anonymous Waterford is Registered with the Fellowship and Corporation of Gamblers Anonymous. All meetings listed on this site are registered and follow the democratic and spiritual principles of Recovery, Unity and Guidance of the fellowship. Regular scheduled meetings take place in Waterford tuesday through saturday with many extra meetings and events throughout the year. ( see news – updates and meeting list page on this site and International meeting lists  on  for Registered meetings ) If there is no regular, scheduled meeting and you wish to talk to someone,just ring 086 – 3973317 or request call back.

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