International Service Office ( ISO )

At the heart of the fellowship is the ISO, a not for profit office supported by contributions from Gamblers Anonymous groups. ISO conducts National  / International  affairs of our Fellowship. The International Executive Secretary is responsible for the operation of the International Service Office. The ISO handles correspondence and other administrative matters.

ISO Lifeline Bulletin

  • The office also issues a monthly bulletin ” Lifeline ” which keeps members informed of news about the fellowship.
  • The International Service Office performs an important public relations function, providing information on compulsive gambling and the Gamblers Anonymous Fellowship.
  • The office also prepares starter kits for beginning groups.

Films, Books and Pamphlets, ISO

  • The International Service Office office prints and distributes films, books and pamphlets.
  • The International Service Office of Gamblers Anonymous is located in Los Angeles, California.
  • The International Service Office can be accessed via the following  link
  • Phone: 001-(855)5542
  • EMAIL:
Talk to someone in Waterford – Ireland


Talk to someone: 086-3973317