Meeting types. Three basic meeting types, closed, modified closed and open.

There are primarily three meeting types in Gamblers Anonymous,  Closed, modified closed and open,  with various formats.

Meeting types.

Closed Meeting : Refers to  meeting types where only members and those with a gambling problem are eligible to attend and participate.

Modified closed meeting : refers to meeting types where  non members or those who do not have a gambling problem may attend only,  on a once off basis.  This may include support for a new member or someone at their first meeting. Group conscience decides on each occassion as necessary.

Open Meeting: Refers to  meeting types where spouses and friends of the G. A. member may also attend. Within the basic meeting types, groups may hold various formats, some of which are outlined here.

Step meetings

At step meetings one particular step may be the focus or topic point of the discussion. This is often adapted to various formats, as decided by the group.

Comment meetings

Meetings may occasionally be designated as comment meetings,  those present may comment or not, as they choose.Groups may set guidelines pertaining to frequency of comments etc. as they choose.

Topic meetings

A group may decide to schedule a topic meeting or designate the meeting as a topic meeting, the topic may be pre – arranged in advance or decided on commencement of the meeting, as decided by the group. Occasionally a special meeting may be held where people in the general society with an interest in the program and fellowship may attend. Suggested meeting types and formats, with suggestions and guidelines,are found in the literature available on the Gamblers Anonymous program. The group handbook is a valuable source of these guidelines and suggestions.

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